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The Henshaw Law Office Difference

At the Henshaw Law Office, we provide high quality legal services to each of our clients. We are experienced in various legal matters including: civil litigation, bankruptcy, administrative law, and alternative dispute resolution. We are also experienced in managing business transactions, negotiating successful resolutions, and advising clients to keep them out of court.

The Henshaw Law Office is knowledgeable, well-rounded, and versatile. We are experienced in the common problems that individuals and businesses face. While each and every client has a unique set of problems, we are confident that we have the expertise to assist in the resolution of your legal issues.

We enjoy building relationships with our clients and understand the problems they face every day. Too often people are afraid to contact their lawyer. However, we are assured that we serve our clients better because we listen to our clients’ goals and objectives during the entire representation in order to advise them based on the most desirable legal conclusion.

Building Client Relationships

relationshipsWhether your legal issues arise from an unexpected event, imminent litigation or current economic conditions, the Henshaw Law Office will apply legal expertise to your critical concerns to provide focused and timely insights and counsel. Legal expertise is an important feature when selecting an attorney, but how well the knowledge is applied and delivered is where the real value lies. By working closely with clients we create rock solid corporate and litigation solutions, based on years of legal and business experience, but unique to your situation.

Understanding Client Needs

Client service is our distinguishing characteristic. Our focus is to deliver outstanding service, create value and help clients anticipate and plan for the future. Whether we succeed in providing excellent service depends on our clients’ perceptions of what we have delivered. We expect and ask you to express your expectations, preferences, and goals so we can deliver the highest level of legal service possible.


The Henshaw Law Corporation understands that clients desire both efficiency and value. We respond with timely and cost-effective problem-solving, whether that means pursuing alternative dispute resolution or aggressively trying a case. In most instances, trial is rarely the first choice for resolving a case. Our ultimate goal is to provide both swift and decisive results.

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